Return to Beauty

“Renowned skin care expert Narine Nikogosian whips up a variety of time-tested, healthy and inexpensive skin care regimens that will have our readers glowing with younger, radiant-looking skin.

“Return to Beauty” aesthetician Narine Nikogosian shares the secrets that have made her one of Hollywood’s top skin care specialists, with a client list filled with A-list faces, including Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Carmen Electra, Ellen DeGeneres and Kirk Douglas.

Nikogosian’s advice is based upon information passed down from generations of gracefully aging women from her native Armenia, as well as her own experiences from 20 years of creating skin care programs for the Hollywood elite.  Using healthy and inexpensive regimens that can be made at home with fresh ingredients, our readers will literally feel internal positive effects of applying natural products to their faces – in contrast to other products on the market today.

Narine’s program will also save our readers plenty of money, as she shows how a great scrub can be made from honey and a few crushed walnuts.  Or how a bit of cottage cheese under the eyes will remove dark circles in only ten minutes.  She even offers “recipes” based upon the different skin care needs for each of the twelve zodiac signs.  “Return to Beauty” will have a strong appeal, and is the first fun, empowering facial beauty guide written by a professional aesthetician.

Narine Nikogosian trained in nursing with a concentration in dermatology in her native Armenia and Russia before coming to the United States.  In the U.S., she ran the successful Starface Salon in Glendale, California, and later built a well-respected reputation as a talented aesthetician at Ole Henriksen Face and Body on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.  Her clients include many of Hollywood’s top stars.”

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