Main Street Vegan

Odds are, you already know the ‘whys’ when it comes to veganism. You’ve heard about President Clinton’s dramatically improved health after adopting a plant-based diet, or Ellen DeGeneres’ impassioned case against the horrors of factory farming. You’ve read headline after headline about studies suggesting a vegan diet is good for your heart, your skin, your mind, not to mention your waistline! There’s no shortage of reasons that becoming a vegan is worth exploring.

It’s the ‘hows’ that can seem so daunting, particularly for regular people  who have considered or even started the process of becoming vegan, but who have to contend with real world budgets, schedules and families.  Victoria Moran knows all about this; when she decided to become vegan almost thirty years ago, she was a new parent in the suburban Midwest, with nary a Whole Foods in sight.

Main Street Vegan’s 40 short chapters each close with a delicious, simple vegan recipe from Victoria and Adair or donated from plant-based chefs and authors including: Joy Pierson of New York City’s legendary Candle Café; Kris Carr, the Crazy, Sexy Cancer documentarian; and Alexandra Jamieson, CHHC, AADP who cooked Morgan Spurlock back to health in the Academy Award-nominated film Super Size Me! – budget-friendly dishes like Cheapish Chili, comfort foods like Uptown Pizza, and holiday classics like Pumpkin Pie — the perfect antidote to that oh-so-common question: but what do you eat??

With a commitment to compassion and honesty (it’s not the end of the world if you slip up!) and the trademark warmth and humor that have made Victoria Moran a bestselling author, renowned public speaker and popular health coach, she and her daughter (who works as a stuntwoman, by the way) takes veganism off its pedestal once and for all. Wherever you are on the spectrum of dietary proclivities — vegan, vegetarian, health-conscious omnivore, or junk-food junkie — you’ll find much to learn, and to love, in this book.

Victoria explains the surprising reason she made the transition despite numerous setbacks—and why others can too, no matter how small the budget, or the town. In short: while it is a major change, becoming a vegan isn’t nearly as hard as it seems.

Topics covered include:

  • Figuring out what works for you as an individual, even if that means taking baby steps
  • How a vegan diet changes the world for animals, and for people
  • Leaving diets behind and making peace with your body for keeps
  • Fashion and beauty from a chic-ly vegan point of view
  • Ways of identifying hidden non-vegan ingredients in everything from pasta to cocktails
  • How to meet other vegans in your area—they do exist, no matter where you live!
  • Making this work in real life: dating, raising kids, traveling, eating out, and getting along with the people who just wish you’d eat some meat
  • Saving money: being plant-based doesn’t have to mean spending your whole paycheck on Tofutti and Tofurky


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