Do It Yourself – Foaming Dish Soap

Make Your Own Foaming Dish Soap

From The Green Goddess Blog ~ used with permission

 After seeing the exorbitant price of foaming dish soap in the store, I figured I could make the same thing for much cheaper.  I use dish soap samples, which makes the soap completely free, & a few pumps work just as well as a squirt of regular dish soap. Yeah!  Here’s how to make it:



Simply take an empty foaming soap dispenser & your dish soap. (The same method can be used to make hand soap, just replace the dish soap with hand soap.)



Fill 1/4 of the pump with soap & fill the remainder with water.  Gently mix together.



Voila, you have foaming dish soap! Just add a few pumps to a sink of dishes & you’re good to go.  Look forward to long lasting bottles of dish soap & fewer trips to the store!



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